Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kickin it old school….

Tired of seeing dad run errands in his ratty gym sneakers? Hook him up with a pair of Converse All Star Low Profile Slip Shoes. Not only are these canvas kicks chic, but they just slip right on – perfect for the no-fuss type we all know and love.

With summer in full swing, throw your father a bone with these hip Billabong Swim Trunks. Plaid? Check. Comfort? Check. Cool and beach ready? Check. Check.

Speaking of the sand and sea, no one wants to see their loved one in direct exposure of the suns harmful rays. But, you can forget about dorky caps and “No, you didn’t!” visors. Instead, protect dad while keeping him forever cool with this Peter Ribbon Fedora that both you and he will love.

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