Thursday, September 3, 2009

Holiday Florals

I will be the first to admit that I am not the most religious Jew out there. Yes, there is a mezuzah on my door, I adore Gefilte fish and I actually did go to a Jewish (Conservative) summer camp for 10+ years. But, the only time I step foot into my synagogue is on the High Holidays, which are right around the corner.

Some will say that these two days – the most important and holiest in the Jewish calendar – are a full-fledged fashion show at a time when fashion should be the furthest from our minds. But in reality, it's nearly impossible to not notice the bevy of red-heeled Louboutins, the Valentino tweed suits and the glitter and glamour of diamonds galore. So shoot me if I do in fact get caught up with all the Haute Couture in the air.

Last year I donned dark, fall-tone hues of blacks and grays. Patent leather accessories and opaque black tights finished off both my looks (don't fret, those accessories will work with almost anything). But, there were times when I felt I conveyed a tone of somberness that I would now like to avoid. So in a few weeks, I will be turning to bright and airy florals to carry me from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur.

When I'm looking for a frock that's full of depth yet still holds a touch of whimsy, I land at Anthropologie. At first sight, my eyes locked on this fabulous Gardner's Choice Dress chock full of peonies, zinnias and more. And if you're thinking that pink and purple flowers are wrong for fall, think again. Set against a dramatic black background, the contrast of spring-like florals set against the jet landscape is a winning cool-weather combo. My ubiquitous black opaque tights and patent leather t-straps will continue do the trick this year, but will be offset by a bright yellow clutch and string (or a few) of pearls. Rabbi, here I come.

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