Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cowboy Lady

So I am on a mission to find a fabulous yet functional hat for the beach this summer. I usually sport a huge floppy topper, but my favorite one is literally all bent out of shape.

I always see celebs sporting straw cowboy hats, and though I wasn't always sure I could pull one off, I have suddenly had a moment of total self confidence that this is the summer of the cowboy for me.

After scouring the Web, I found this Raffia Crochet Cowboy ($82) from cutely-named Hat Attack. I'm thinking the Tobacco leather trim will be my choice because the semi-precious stones are a bit cheesy and the wood beads seem too contrived. But the deep khaki color is perfect, and the size looks just right too; a winning combo to keep wrinkles off my fair-skinned mug as long as possible.

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