Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rome Rages On

The gladiator sandal has puzzled me from the start. I never understood why a piece of footwear required so much unnecessary embellishment -- from multiple straps and buckles to the unflattering point at which they cut off the ankle. As my beloved said when I recently tried one on for him, "It looks like your foot is in a cage." And I kind of agreed with him.

Last summer, I remember seeing them EVERYWHERE, but stood on firm ground that it simply was not a trend for me. I hoped it would just go away like a lingering cough or a pestering editor, but it did not. To my dismay, the gladiator has returned this spring/summer with a vengeance. And although I had continually promised myself to never own a pair, I have simply given in to the trend, but in a semi redeeming way...

Free shipping mecca Piperlime made it hard for me to resist the Mia Hydra, which is relatively inexpensive at $70 -- unlike its $500, $600 and even $900 counterparts. Its rubber sole is as practical as can be, and as style guru Rachel Zoe claims, "It's great for the girl who doesn't love wearing heels during the day." And if you know me, that phrase is the epitome of my style philosophy. Heels feel so contrived in the sunlight, and nothing should be that uncomfortable before 6 p.m.

I gave into the gold because I love metallic with just about everything. And although it looks a bit flashy to the eye, I will thoroughly enjoy their outright audacity...while squinting at the fact that I am actually wearing a gladiator.

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