Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheap 'n Chic

I will say that I have never been too keen on shopping at Forever 21. Don't get me wrong, I do love when a stylish piece comes with a frugal price tag, but I am always terrified to order anything from this discount shopping haven. Yes, many of their clothes are insatiably cute, but you just know that for the prices, quality isn't at the top of their list.

However, after reading my favorite fashionista's post on its new contemporary line, I decided to peruse the site, and of course it wasn't long until I found something I think I can't live without.

I simply fell in love with these Embellished Linen Shorts. I immediately envisioned them paired with a white sleeveless silk shell, my trusty new t-straps, and loads of bangles. Wouldn't this look be perfect for a weeknight dinner out? Or at a casual gathering on the beach?

That's it, I've convinced myself to fork over the measly $16 in order to look nothing less than spectacular!

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