Saturday, May 30, 2009

Take It To The Beach...

It's official: Summer is here, which means I am certainly getting my beach on. I absolutely love to wake up with the sounds and smells of the seashore, throw on my bathing suit, and head on down to the hot sand with my favorite accouterments intact. A girl must have a fabulous pair of sunnies, a stylish cover-up, her favorite flips and without a doubt, one if not all of these:

This Tokyo Braid Fedora ($70) will shield the sun's hot rays away from my mug without getting in the way of my fashionista self.

Although I do love lounging on my towel-covered beach chair, I thoroughly enjoy laying myself flat on the sand, and with this Martha Stewart Collection Tent Towel For Two, now my honey and I can have a romantic catnap side by side. PS: It's on sale from $60 to $29.99 at Macy's.

And finally, a gal needs Martha's perfect Market Beach Tote ($29.99 from $60) to carry all of her essentials including: the best sunblock your wallet can buy, magazines galore, perhaps a book, a bottle of water without a doubt, and figure-friendly snacks that will keep you from chowing down on funnel cake and ice cream.

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