Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Skirting It

Skirts are calling out to me this season in a major way. Much like dresses have always been my go-to items for an easy yet stylish piece to just throw on and head out the door, skirts are currently inching their way up the food chain.

I simply love pairing a short and flouncy skirt with a simple, tucked-in tank top and a pair of chic flats. The high-waisted silhouette seems to be an all-encompassing flatter-fest, one that I cannot wait to throw on.

Now since I was never a huge wearer of this style, my collection of lovely little skirts is slim. Last summer I started with a little Max Studio number, which I have quite simply worn to death. Next, I picked up American Apparel's sublimely soft and cute Melange Jersey Pocket Skirt in Heather Gray. I surely got my money's worth out of this sassy number without a doubt.

And now this year, well, I already divulged my most recent Basic Glory. Yet now, I believe I will be adding a fourth that brings a little umph to the palate in this Freelance Ikat Tulle Skirt ($48); which was discovered during my normal 7 a.m. hour when I lie in bed and brainstorm about what my closet needs...at South Moon Under.

Without sounding cliched, isn't it lovely? I am dying over its intricate Ikat pattern and bright hues that are perfect for summer. I will proudly tuck a white tank into it, hike it up to my ribs, and walk out the door in some gold flats with a big, fat smile on my face while asking myself: Gosh, don't you just love sinfully stylish bargains? I do!

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