Monday, June 8, 2009

Love or Loathe?

For whatever reason, I'm kind of loving this Strapless Twill Jumpsuit ($158) by BCBG. The slits, the belt, the flowing, sage color – it's all strangely working for me.

Maybe because it's bordering on semi-ridiculousness, yet at the same time it's timelessly chic. I can easily visualize wearing it on a hot, sunny day while walking from shop to shop in between gabbing and lunching with the ladies. Thoughts?


  1. it's funky and i could never pull it off, hence i'm not as in love with it.

  2. Its certainly funky, and very cute on said model. But notice her flat chest and rather square body....

    the girls at BCBG were so excited about this peice that I tried it on for them. HAH! Its a joke. If you have any kind of curves, the silky twill material hugs them and hides YOU... making it look like a maternity bathrobe with a belt. No joke.

    The color is great... but I am gonna have to pass on this one!

  3. oh, so they have it at BCBG on Walnut? Good to know!

  4. LOVE IT! If you're like me, and have a big chest (DD), it'll take you some time to find the perfect strapless bra. When you do find the right one, you'll be able to get into outfits like this and look just as fantastic (maybe even better) than all the flat-chested ladies out there. Try Chantelle bras and lingerie. So sexy and really keeps the girls in place. You CAN wear strapless, you just need to spend about $125 for the perfect strapless bra!