Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tie Dye For

Tie Dye is one of those trends that is certainly a blast from the past. I remember the old days of the early 90's when I gleefully tie-dyed t-shirts during many summers at camp. Remember the countless images of hippie chicks at Woodstock in the 60's? Seriously, tie dye has come full circle.

Today, it's one of the hottest looks going. I continually see it everywhere from the pages of gossip magazines to the windows of my favorites stores in The City of Brotherly Love. Though much like the gladiator, I was not too keen on this trend in the beginning; but once I spotted this sublime Silk Chiffon Tie Dye Scarf ($68) while perusing Intermix, I could not resist.

Isn't it gorgeous? I quickly snatched up the fuschia style that is dyed with gleaming bursts of white. It will definitely keep my neck cozy while working under the blasting air conditioner or dining in frigid restaurants during the hot summer months. I think for my first look I will pair it with my favorite skinny's (which I now see are on a serious sale) and a clean white tank. Or, I'll ditch the denim and keep it fresh with my linen pants while gazing at the sunset down the shore. Ah, the possibilities!

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  1. A bit expensive for me taste, but it's so pretty!